Sara Trailovic (*1999) and Eleni Gaggini (*1996) are both studying Fine Arts at the Zurich University of Arts where they started to engage in collaborative practise. As the Zurich based duo GAGGINI/TRAILOVIC, they experiment with language, movement and forms of connection. In their performative, linguistic and photographic practice they work with the human body as a medium for communication, thereby reflecting human perception. The interplay of the fluid realms of consciousness and unconsciousness thereby appears as an ever returning research method.

Sara Trailovic (born 1999) is currently studying Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts. Her works process impulses and play with philosophy combining different artistic forms. Coming from journalism and literary writing, photography and language serve as her main media through which she explores universal connections and contemporary human perception. In performance art her own body and emotions become a projection surface to explore the relationship between intimacy and transparency.

Eleni Gaggini (*1996) is currently studying Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts. Breaking out of the rigid structures of her master's degree, in her artistic work Eleni Gaggini explores access to spheres of the collective unconscious and is deeply committed to expanding perception as an artist and yoga teacher. Using photography, film, and dance/performance, she creates spaces in which embodied intimacy with the other can be experienced while examining and questioning one's own self. In her work, the raw human body and organic structures are ever-recurring ingredients. 

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